Aesthetic Treatments

We are pleased to welcome Tia Lee Aesthetics into the salon who offers fillers and microneedling, on a Saturday. 

Please scroll below to see Tia's listed treatments, prices and links to their personal site, Please note that these services need to be booked directly with the practitioner. 

Tia Lee Aesthetics

Lip fillers

Juvederm       0.5ml                                          £155

Juvederm       1.0ml                                          £230

Umajueressel 1.0ml                                          £170

collagen infused lip mask                                  £5


Microneedle therapy  is one the newest, easiest and most effective skin treatments available and is a form of Collagen Induction Therapy which is intended to significantly improve the appearance of acne scars, aged and sun damaged skin, facial and décolleté lines, wrinkles and stretch marks.  The concept of skin needling is based on the skin’s natural ability to repair itself whenever it encounters physical damage such as cuts, burns and other abrasions. Immediately after an injury occurs to the skin our body reuses the damaged collagen and elastin fibres as well as other damaged skin components to produce new ones. Skin needling allows for controlled induction of the skin’s self repair mechanism by creating micro “injuries” in the skin which triggers new collagen synthesis, yet does not pose the risk of permanent scarring. The result is smoother, firmer and younger looking skin.

Microneedling                                                        £80

Course of 4                                                              £280

Contact Tia  07710 779964


Monyhull Hall Road,

Kings Norton,


B30 3QG

0121 458 4548

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