Hair Prices

Prices may vary according to length of hair please arrange a free consultation for an accurate quotation.

Cutting and Styling

Cut and Finish                                  from £32.50

(Long Hair)                                       from £37.50   

Restyle and finish                             from £37.50        

wet cut                                              from £20

Styling                                               from £17.50

(Long hair)                                        from £22.50         

men's haircut                                    from £12

little people (up to 12)                       from £8 

Colouring Services

Full head colour                                from £52.50

regrowth colour                                 from £32.50

semi/toners                                       from £15

colour correction upon quotation

High/Low Lighting       

full head                                            from £60

half head                                           from £42.50

t section                                            from £30

cap                                                    from £30

all other colour techniques and colour correction upon quotation

please note colour prices are not inclusive of cutting and finishing and all colours require a skin test 48hours prior to service.

prices may vary according to length of hair or have a surcharge added if colour is overdue where more product is used.