• Yvonne Jones

Why you should be Pre booking your hair appointments

Since the start of the COVID crisis when we entered the first lockdown, many people have began to realise how important their hairdresser is to them, and to understand the importance of pre booking. If you are booked in our diary, you are in our minds, and you have priority status when it comes to getting those first precious appointments (when the lockdowns are over).

Aside from that, our lives are so busy with work, family commitments and personal obligations, that fitting everything in can seem impossible, so pre booking can take some of that load off your’s how.


Your day is already busy enough, so save yourself the time and effort of having another call to make, especially those frantic calls begging to be squeezed in somewhere because you have somewhere special to go, and those pesky greys are coming back through


Get your first choice of appointment date and time, this is really important if you have a busy schedule, and are not able to be flexible with when you can attend. It also allows your stylist the opportunity to plan their diary better, allowing them to dedicate plenty of time for your service, rather than trying to squeeze you in.


We all want to look good, so maintaining your style will make your hair easier to manage in between visits. You can avoid those bad hair days, from out of control hair that has become too thick or too long, and those big roots or annoying greys that keep reappearing.


Unfortunately looking good comes at a cost, but when you pre book you are able to spread the cost and take control of budgeting your money. Then you won’t have to suddenly find that money or go without having it done. If you cut out a cup of coffee each day and put that money aside, then your hair is paid for without the fright of the bill or the guilt we sometimes feel. Plan your hair into your finances, you work hard and deserve to look after yourself.


Hair cut. (Short hair) 3-6 weeks

( long hair) 6-10 weeks

Regrowth colour 4-6 weeks

HIghlights/Balayage 8-12 weeks

These are estimated service times, so discuss with your stylist to plan for your own specific requirements, as they will be able to advise according to how quickly your hair grows and what sort of maintenance your style needs.

I hope this has helped open your mind as to the importance of Pre booking your appointments.

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